Silver Cufflinks Tugra


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Silver Cufflinks Tuğra

Tuğra means the signature of the Ottoman sultans. Each monogram; Sultan’s name with her own existence, refers to reign. Tuğra symbol has survived in many ways to be different according to each ruler. Tuğra preserved Ottoman every period, has never lost its importance. And once the line is having an important place in our art, as art is kept alive today by calligraphers. This reflects the art of silver cufflinks; birthday gift, Father’s Day is a great option may be preferred in or special occasions. This stylish cufflinks; 925 is made of silver. It is coated over the silver oxide. As with all silver cufflinks silver monogram cufflinks are manufactured with all the manual labor. ± 10% deviation from the mean weight of the product can be stated because silver and precious stones.

Cover. Weight 9.00 g.

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Ağırlık 9 g
Boyutlar 0.45 × 0.35 cm
tr Türkçe