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Ms. Kadeer my Silver Sheriff Necklace (Black)


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Ms. Kadeer my Silver Sheriff Necklace (Black)

Sharif Hazrat my foot. Muhammad is the footprint. Nala also known as Sheriff. In this sense, it would be a nice gift that you can use this necklace with high moral values ​​and love that you can give to your loved ones. This stylish design is made of 925 sterling silver necklace. rhodium plating is made on silver. Rhodium plated silver retains the ladies necklace made models shine for a long time, oxidation is delayed. Zircon stones on the necklace. Chain necklace made of 925 Sterling silver is an average of 45 cm length. Kadee As with all my ladies ladies silver pendant necklace Sheriff our models are produced with manual labor. ± 10% deviation from the mean weight of the product can be stated because silver and precious stones.

Cover. Weight: 20.3 g.

Ağırlık 3.2 g
Boyutlar 0.45 × 0.75 cm
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