Mother And Baby Miss Silver Heart Pendant


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Mother And Baby Miss Silver Heart Pendant

blood bond between mother and baby, and most importantly, we have designed our great love for you … This great necklace; birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift as a gift is a great option may be preferred for special occasions. This stylish design is made from 925 sterling silver.It is made of rose gold-plated necklace on. Rose maintains long necklace made of gold-plated brightness translates silver color pink color. The average chain length of the necklace is 45 cm.Located on zircon stones. As with all ladies silver necklace silver necklace female models baby-hearted mother is also manufactured with manual labor. ± 10% deviation from the mean weight of the product can be stated because silver and precious stones.

Width: 1.60 cm

Height: 2.10 cm

Cover. Weight: 2.40 g

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Ağırlık 2.4 g
Boyutlar 999 cm
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